Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Passport Status, Check Indian Passport Status Online


Passports are a document which is endowed by Indian president for travelling across overseas to every citizen of India. That is, if one has to go overseas, passport is needed for it. If one does not have a passport, he is not allowed to go overseas. CVP is a division which issues passport to those who apply for passport.  Often we apply for passport and we have to wait for some duration before the arrival of passport as there are several process through which it goes such as certification verification and police verification. During this waiting time, you can track passport application status to keep yourself updated. There may  also be different reasons for which you need to check your passport status like you may want to track your changes, corrections, updates  made to your passport like name, address etc.

There are various methods of checking passport status.
Ø  ONLINE-: You can check your Passport status online on the website of Indian passport which is also different websites available.
Ø  CALL CENTER-: For passport tracking query or related services query which cannot be found on the website, you can contact the passport national call centre using its toll-free number.
Ø  SMS -: You can check your status by sending SMS to the number provided by Indian passport service and they will send back a SMS of your status.
Ø  MOBILE APPLICATIONS-: Mobile applications are also available for the purpose of getting your passport status. There are many application such as mPassport application which will give you your information about status.
Ø  ONLINE-: You need to visit the Indian passport website or the other websites available through your internet browser .You will see a option of track application. As you select the option, another page will open with three fields available. In first field you need to select application type ,for passport select the first option. In the second field you need to fill the file number. In the third field you need to fill the birth date. Finally you need click on track status button. You will get your status.
Ø  SMS-: You can use mobile  for  the SMS service. This will give you status updates of your passport applications. Rs.30 is the one time cost payed once that is at the time of registration. Payment for   this service is done at PSK when you are going to submitting the application. You need to type in STATUS followed by  space and followed by15 digit  number , which is your  file number .
Ø  CALL CENTER-: You can contact the passport national call centre using a toll-free number. You can either enter in the file number directly through IVR or speak to customer representer you are active to, whom you will have to provide your file number as well as your birth date.
Ø  MOBILE APPLICATIONS-: mPassport is the mobile application that is to be installed on your mobile home. As you open the application, there will be different options available. You need to select the option of track application. As the page opens, you need to fill in the required information's of your which are asked to. After  you have finished the information enter check status . As the process completes, you will get your status. There are various applications available that will check your police verification status also.
These are some of the ways in which you can check your status of your passport i.e. either way is possible, all you need to have all your personal information known to you.


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