Tuesday, 1 March 2016

{Top} Latest Marathi Whatsapp Status, One Line Marathi Whatsapp Status

1   Blogging is my passion and I am doing blogging in many years and past two to three year we are using smart phone also with whatsapp. Two to three months ago I am searching the whatsapp Marathi Status on the internet and I visited many website but unable to find good and latest Marathi Whatsapp Status on that i told to my team we are going to create new website for the whatsapp lover only so that they can get latest and most updated Status on this page. So all user can get very Latest Marathi Whatsapp Status on this page and if you have some unique status so don’t forget to share with us. Our all Whatsapp Status are given in the below section so just check it that.   

  1. Ekada premata_dhoka_bheṭala तारा अता,prematala_ serious_ panaca Gela रवा ...!!!

  2. एक Mulga aaplya______ aaila manhato...

  3. 'अहो............ इकडे पण बघा ना...'!!!

  4. प्रेम एक आदर्श गोष्ट आहे______ लग्न एक प्रत्यक्ष गोष्ट आहे...!!

  5. !!aaicha aashirwaad _Ani vadinchya sivya....

  6. !!Pratyeka goṣṭila..... अन्ता AHE ...mhaṇunaca amha सांता AHE ..

  7. माला paṭhimba Kona Kona deila...?

  8. Zeven गणित आहे लग्न त्याची बेरीज _____ आहे संसार त्याचा गुणाकार आहे अखेर त्याचे मृत्यु आहे. ..!!

  9. कुणी चुकला की__आम्ही ठोकलाच!!

  10. Premata आसो की davakhan'yata ,,,,,sagaḷe ekaca vicaratata गंभीर AHE का ....

  11. .......Śaryata ajuna sampaleli नही करण मील ajuna jinklelo नही....

You can chose one line Marathi Whatsapp Status 2016  as per your requirement and whichever you are like that and as per that you should use in your whatsapp. You can also choose Latest Marathi Whatsapp Status according to your language and that is available in other post that also you should check.


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